Jacket Comparisons

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The Antero II jacket series is a hybrid softshell technical jacket with waterproof windproof breathable membrane, has slight stretch, noiseless, fully seam taped, pit zips , and our Arc'teryx inspired style hood collar system which allows for easy up and over helmet without unzipping the front zipper. There are also 4 open pockets for storage along with one zippered inside the jacket (except some MedTall sizes). This jacket is heavier than our other shells but requires less layering to be worn underneath it. The interior of the jacket is a gridded low wicking polyester micro fleece. The collar may be cinched to bring it in close to the face with or without helmet. This is primarily a skier/riders jacket. We use Polartec Windbloc and Gore Windstopper laminates depending on which Antero 2 you select (Gore: Blackcherry and White)

The Antero II Plus  jacket series is the exact same as Antero 2 but made from Polartec Neoshell Hardshell laminate. This jacket does not have insulating properties and is half the weight of the Antero 2. This jacket has a tricot nylon interior to protect the membrane. This jacket is not noiseless. There is very little noticeable stretch. This is a skiers/riders jacket. As it turns out, although there is no physical fabric insulating material, the fabric/membrane system helps to manage your body heat and it is in fact a warm jacket with smart layering. For instance, we wore one in -minus temps during deep Winter in the Southern San Juans for lift accessed and hike to skiing and only wore one or two base layer shirts.  Worn with our sneffles (sold out) or Bross light mid layer you will be toasty. We had packed a Polartec 200 weight fleece jacket in the car but it never had to be used. We have successfully used the Polartec 200 jacket with sled accessed tours at Vail Pass, Colorado ranging from 50mph+ sled speeds, to low mph no-board powder runs. 

The Antero 3  jacket series is different than the 2 models above in that it has a traditional one piece neck/collar/hood rising enough to block the wearers face when fully zipped. The hood fits over a helmet but you mush unzip the front zipper some to get started. There is one internal zippered pocket. It is not noiseless. It is made with Polartec Neoshell hardshell with tricot interior. It is the lightest of the 3 jackets. There is very little noticeable stretch. Jacket has pit zips This jacket can span uses and go casual just as easy as on the mountain. Also have used this extensively with our R-1 Bross midlayer and the Polartec 200 fleece jacket or vest depending on activity and temperatures.

The Antero 5  jacket series is a jacket with an Antero 3 body and an Antero 2 style hood/collar design with the exception that the hood rolls up and tucks into the collar.  This system allows the jacket to be worn as a hoodless jacket as well as hooed when deployed for inclimate conditions.   The jacket is made from hardshell fabrics and is fully seam taped.   The Antero 5 has anchor systems in the neck, collar and sleeves so that a Harrison fleece jacket or vest may be integrated within the garment to form a heavier one piece garment for extreme cold.   Current version does not have an interior zipper to allow the Harrison to zip in.  Future generations will have that added feature.   

The Mountain Parka Jacket series is a jacket that is built to handle camping, hiking and other active pursuits where moisture and wind are a concern.   The collars are integrated one piece into the hood construction and is low rise in the front to leave full view of face.   The men's versions are several inches longer than our ski jackets.   The women's versions have a drop tail feature.   Both men's and women's are part of our JCS Jacket Component System and are able to zip in a Harrison fleece jacket or vest to make a heavy one piece extreme cold Winter jacket.  The jackets have anchor points to attach to the fleece in the end of cuffs, neck and collar as well as the interior zipper that match the front zipper of the fleece garments.   These jackets are seam taped for waterproofness unless designated as non seam taped versions. 

LTE light weight jackets usually average between 20%-30% less overall weight than our regular series jackets.  In some cases LTE jackets will have stretch to the fabric which will be noted in individual jacket product descriptions. LTE designations may appear on any jacket base series (ex. Antero 2+, 3, etc)  

+ Stretch jackets in most cases are hardshell jackets that have more stretch than the average hardshell.  These jackets may or may not be LTE light weight jackets.